Congratulations, you decided to read this page. So in case of an emergency you have an idea what to do and can keep calm.

  • Life-threatening emergencies:
    • If your child experiences an imminent threat to his/her life, such as when his/her breathing stops, he/she looses consciousness or in case of a serious accident, call the emergency number 144 immediately (please note : if your child is uncounscious due to heavy cramping diall 144 if your child remains unconscious for five minutes).
  • Urgent emergencies: if your child suffers from acute pain, stops breathing or appears dopey:
    • During opening hours, please come to the surgery straight away. It is helpful, if you are able to alert us on your way, so that we are prepared for your arrival.
    • Outside opening hours, I am often available on my mobile phone on 079 766 72 23. Please contact me and I can provide immediate assistance by phone or we can discuss how best to proceed for your child's safety and health.
    • If you are not able to reach me, please contact the emergency number for paediatrics in the Canton Zug, tel : 0900 008 008.
  • Poisoning-also if you suspect that your child has consumed/inhaled poison:
    • Please contact the centre for emergencies due to poisoning (tel : 145). Be prepared to describe exactly what and how much your child has swallowed. Have the empty bottle or packaging at the ready, so that you can provide details if necessary. The more details you can describe, the faster and more accurate the treatment for your child will be, possibly avoiding unnecessary treatment.
  • Other Emergencies
    • During opening hours, please contact the surgery to arrange an appointment.
    • Outside opening hours, please take a moment to decide whether your child is seriously ill or not. Infants may be grumpy, run a temperature, cry and even scream loudly, however, they feed (baby or breastmilk) sufficiently and sleep from time to time between wakeful periods. This indicates that your infant is not seriously ill and you may wait until the surgery opens. If your infant does not drink for a longer period, hardly reacts to stimulation, only screams quietly and feebly, behave as described above for an urgent emergency.
  • Fever