Handling of Fever

Answers to Questions about Febril Diseases

  • May (high) fever indicate a dangerous disease?
    • Yes, but lowering the fever with drugs does not make it less dangerous, rather the opposite.
  • Can fever climb (unlimited) on and on until it becomes dangerous?
    • No. Fever does never exceed Values between 41-42°C. Your childs body has sophisticatet protection mechanisms to prevent that.
  • Can high fever be bad for my child?
    • No. Also for this your child has sophisticated and phylogenetic very old protection mechanisms.
  • May fever harm my child by fever convulsions?
    • No. Fever convulsions are very frightening, but almost always harmless. More important: They cannot be avoided by using drugs to lower the fever, as thought in former times.
  • You may lower the fever according to circumstances, but you need not do so.
    • You can give drugs like Tylenol or Ibuprofen, to ease pain or restlessness associated with fever, so that you survive a night with your sick child. Please, remember, that after such medication the child will feel better, than it really is and so you may less readily recognize a severe condition.
    • There is some evidence, that healing will be faster if the fever is not lowered.