Longer Office-Hours from January 3rd, 2018 - Treatment in the rooms of the new Pediatric Surgery "Lorzenpark" from March 1st.

As already published, my surgery will be open every day from Monday to Friday and - alternating with the surgery of Dres. Zimprich und Weissörtel on several Saturdays. This will be possible, because. Dr. Katharina Eikamp will be working in my office, too. We are looking forward to this cooperation and to the improvement of our availability

From March 1st the treatment will take place in the new pediatric surgery "Lorzenpark". Dr. Katharina Eikamp, Dr. Barbara Bacher, Christina Spörri, and Dr. Georg Bohn will then take care of our small and older patients. For all parents and patients who wish us to do so, all appointments will automatically be transferred to the new surgery, so that there will be continuous care for our patients.

If you prefer, you may choose your own pediatrician. All parents, who do not wish to visit the "Pediatric Surgery Lorzenpark" may call one of the other pediatric surgeries, e.g.

- Dres. Zimprich und Weissörtel, Zugerstrasse 47, 6330 Cham, Tel. 041 780 70 25

- Dres. Schmid, Marty und Hitzler, Rigistrasse 15, 6340 Baar, Tel. 041 761 10 73

In individual cases where the family lives very close, you may also contact

- Dres. Alber, Reichert und Zimmerli, Neuhofstrasse 3 B, 6340 Baar, Tel. 041 760 04 14

- Frau Dr. Gschwend, Baarerstrasse 12, 6300 Zug, Tel. 041 711 23 18

Although I had found a successor for my surgery, the director of the public health department of the Kantonsregierung Zug, Mr. Martin Pfister, let me know, that this possible successor will not receive a work permit. As a result my surgery will be closed after February 28th. Until then I will continue to do my best for all my patients. I have been enjoying working here, and I would like to thank you for the trust you placed in me now and have done over the last 15 years.