Surgery Information

Languages spoken: English, German, some French

The surgery is conveniently situated in Cham. It is within two minutes walking distance from the train station ‘Cham‘ and even closer to bus stops. There are two car parking space for patients immediately outside the surgery. Further parking facilities are available in the car park ‘Mandelhof’, ‘Andreasklinik’ and ‘Lorzensaal’.

The surgery was renovated in 2011 in order to provide a welcoming and child focussed interior. We also boast some of the most up-to-date equipment.
We are deliberately a small team: My medical assistant, Mrs. Anja Schuler and I look after our smaller and sometimes taller patients and their parents. Mrs. Marianne Gwerder is responsible for the hygienic cleanlines and positive ambiance in the surgery. We ensure clear communication and avoid misunderstandings and inefficient processes by working in a small team. For you and your child the advantage is that you are always treated by the same doctor, who knows you and your child’s health and previous illnesses. Due to the simple structure of our surgery and the wealth of experience of Ms Zoronjic, we are able to organise appointments in a way that waiting times do not occur often and are of short duration, if they occur. This is imporant to me because I respect the fact that your time is precious to you. Emergencies present and exception to the previous statement, they must take precendence and we treat these of course, too. Finally, if you require an urgent appointment, so that your child is examined within hours or on the same day as the first sign of symptoms, we can usually accomodate this because of the way we plan appointments.
Informations about Dr. Veh you will find here, about Frau Schuler here